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Rodent Control

Baiting and trapping is an ideal option for local businesses or homeowners dealing with unwanted rodents such as mice and rats.

As you might suspect, these small creatures can be very wary of new objects and they may altogether avoid traps that are placed by someone other than an experienced professional. Our team knows the best tactics for properly baiting and trapping mice, rats, and other pests that invade your home or business. Before we execute a bait and trap plan, Valley Pest Control takes the time to properly inspect your property to find where the invading rodents are traveling, nesting, and feeding.

The Right Tactics for Rodents

Two key factors that determine the success of a baited trap are bait selection and trap placement.

Different species of rats and mice don’t all prefer the same high-value bait items, so different bait needs to be used depending on your pest infestation. Additionally, traps need to be set in areas that are frequented by the pests to ensure a successful catch. At Valley Pest Control, our experts know what works for every specific pest situation, so be sure to trust our professional rodent exterminators when it comes to baiting and trapping.