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Treatment Solutions that Last

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in Yakima, WA and you’ve got a pest problem, Valley Pest Control offers a wide range of residual treatment options that provide long-lasting protection from pests throughout the year.

The premium quality insecticides and pest control products we utilize at Valley Pest Control can be applied to just about any surface, including wood, brick, soil, and more, and treatments are generally applied outside areas of the structure that serve as entryways, nesting areas, or feeding areas for invading insects and other unwanted pests.

Reliable Treatments

We’re committed to using some of the most responsible pest control solutions at Valley Pest Control, and that includes our residual treatments.

Our team uses professional products that effectively eliminate the presence of unwanted insects without making your property unsafe for daily habitation. Our residual treatments persist well after application. Residual treatments are a great way to eliminate ants, spiders, earwigs, and other crawling insects, and may come in a variety of forms including sprays, baits, granulars, and dust.